Summer solutions for thick thighs - The Blush Hunter

Right now it’s too hot to care about anything, except whether or not you have enough change to get a jumbo Slurpee. Summer sucks. Sorry if that offends your sweaty sensibilities, but it’s true. It’s all hot winds (they’re like farts, except they don’t smell, aren’t funny and are EVERYWHERE) and public transport issues and realising your toes look weird in sandals.

I would trade the fluffiness and layers of winter for this fuckin’ nonsense any day. When it’s cold, I can wear my hair however I like, but right now I’ll settle for anything that just gets it out of my face/off my neck. All you have to deal with in winter is occasional skin dryness and chapped lips, but now all my aesthetic issues are amplified.

Which brings me to the real reason I’m here to shit all over everyone’s favourite season for happiness. I’m gonna talk about thighs.

Works of Heart - Rookie

If you’re interested in making or learning about art, it can sometimes feel like you need to be an expert before you start. I am nowhere near an ART EXPERT. At first, that made me feel like a poseur whenever I went to a gallery and tried to articulate my reactions to what I saw. I thought, When I don’t know the difference between minimalism and constructivism and some-other-ism, what right do I have to talk about art? I didn’t yet know that a degree or a fancy title is cool and all, but it isn’t a prerequisite to having an opinion on what hangs on the walls of a gallery.

A couple of years ago, Minna gave a speech in which she talked about her early artistic years. “I had [below] average technical skills,” Minna explained, “But I had good ideas and good intentions. I would soon learn that these things are the most important.”


Saturday Links: Stevie and Christine’s Reunion Edition - Published on Rookie, 28 September, 2013.

I am unashamedly obsessed with Kanye West and everything he represents. So you can imagine my joy at this week’s slow-trickle release of the four-part video breakdown of BBC Radio 1′s recent interview with Yeezy. He sat down in the studio with Zane Lowe, and he got down to business! The full interview’s run time is an hour; part three, above, is my favorite. If you’ve ever had reservations about Kanye—like thought he was a jerk or a narcissist, or questioned his intent or talent or his relationship with Kim Kardashian—you need to watch the whole thing. He insists that people should say “thank you” to artists whose work they love, talks about what went down with Taylor Swift at the VMAs, and compares himself to Wreck-It Ralph. Kanye constantly flummoxes Lowe by disassembling the interview format; two minutes before the end, he tells him, “You can’t ever tell me what dream to have.” I just got goosebumps typing that.