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I can’t even imagine what my relationship to my own body would be if it weren’t for Jessica Luxery.

Welcome to the Clubhouse – IAmFearless

The day I sat down to write this story, something amazing was happening on Twitter.

Jessica Hopper, a music critic, editor and my friend/hero/mentor, tweeted a call-out to her followers: Gals/other marginalized folks: what was your 1st brush (in music industry, journalism, scene) w/ idea that you didn’t “count”?
Within a day she had over 400 responses from women of all ages, but one in particular really stood out to me. Emma Garland, a fellow music writer, replied to Jessica, “high school, aged 12, having to reel off a detailed list of album/song titles before any boy would accept that i liked green day
Like a lot of girls, I could really relate to this idea, of being made to feel as if I need to prove my expertise on any band outside the pop music realm when boys question me on it. In fact, my own response to Jessica’s tweet told a similar story. Let me recount it for you here, in more than just 140 characters.

No one man can have all that fear – IAmFearless

Kanye West’s not everyone’s idea of a fearless hero but to me he is.

There was a time when I was truly afraid of failure: the idea of experiencing it alone made me overly cautious and too timid to step outside my comfort zone. Despite all his controversial opinions and actions, it was Kanye West who flipped my fear on its head and made me excited to try and less intimidated by the idea of failure. Kanye’s not everyone’s idea of a fearless hero but to me he is. Here’s why.

An Interview with Tavi Gevinson – IAmFearless

In stories about Tavi Gevinson’s eclectic and inspiring career, her age is so often the focus. But, as anyone who is (or has been) a teenage girl will know full well, her determination, ambition and creativity aren’t particularly unique; rather, it’s that the work those traits have produced—first as a fashion blogger, then a writer, a website editor and an actress—could exist at all. At the age when most of us were being told we couldn’t or shouldn’t make the work we dreamed about, Tavi was blocking out that noise and persevering. And the work that perseverance produced has cleared a path for other girls and women, and told them, “you can do it too, you know.”

After three years as the editor of Rookie magazine, Tavi stepped out from behind the scenes last year when she won a role in the Broadway reprisal of Kenneth Lonergan’s 1996 play, This is Our Youth. Tavi takes on each of her new creative pursuits with such ease you could be mistaken for thinking that everything comes super easy to her, but that’s not always the case.

She and I spoke about facing your fears, finding the courage it requires to stand on stage every night, and blocking out the doubtful voices in your head.

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Being confident and successful means being hated. That’s the message movies and TV shows tell girls and women, anyway.