Who Will Survive in America: A Kanye Roundtable

I’m willing to bet that you already have an opinion on who Kanye West is as a musician/artist/human. He’s maybe the most divisive celebrity around—he’s called an egomaniac about as often as he is a genius, and everyone I’ve ever met has different reasons for either loving or hating him. My own feelings about Kanye are EXTREMELY POSITIVE—his music is one of my fail-safe tools for self-care, and I have a different track to suit every feeling (“Monster” when I need to rage out, “Clique” when I’m super excited, “Lost in the World” when I need to believe in love). Part of why I love Kanye is because he’s so much more than a performer—he’s also a consumer of, and groundbreaking commentator on, all different areas of modern culture. I consider his interviews academic texts that deserve to be studied as key reference points about art, fashion, race, fame, architecture, film, technology, and music, all of which he speaks about frequently and brilliantly. There are so many things Kanye cares about, and he wants the world to care with him.

Dolly Parton concert review - Everguide

After three hours, two wigs, eight bedazzled instruments and too many stories about down-home Tennessee to count, there's one thing I can tell you for sure about Dolly Parton: she is a compulsive people-pleaser.

From the moment the overture from '9 to 5' began and a projection of Dolly's silhouette appeared in the butterfly-shaped screen behind her 10-piece band, to the moment she was lead off-stage after a one-song encore (more on that later), there was barely a moment when the crowd of mums, cowboy hat-wearers (both genuine and ironic, sequinned and fur-lined), country fans, pop fans and Joyful Noise fans (holla!) was not totally satisfied to take all she had to give us.

Hard at Work - Rookie

Landing your first job is an important milestone, but it shouldn’t make your life miserable. I should know—I had four less-than-ideal part-time gigs before I moved away for college, and that’s not even counting the night I spent six hours washing dishes at a Mexican restaurant for $20 and an order of enchiladas. It’s been a decade since I earned my first paycheck, and looking back, it would have saved me a lot of stress if I had known how to stand up for myself at work and/or how to quit with dignity when a job wasn’t right for me. Sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone and put your foot down! So here’s what to do when your working life looks way different from what The Baby-sitters Club led you to expect.